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  • Jason Kiesau

RESPECT-ABLE Session Follow-Up

Good evening, Everyone!

I think our first RESPECT-ABLE session was a success. We had some good play time at the beginning and end and some great conversation in between. We kept things a little looser for the first session, but it was a nice time for the boys and volunteers to get to know each other. Big thanks to Jeff, Kent and Adam for volunteering their time and spending the 90 minutes with us. And, big thanks to Monica with UCAN for helping us with snacks and other resources that make this possible.

My goal is to send some kind of a summary each week to keep parents and guardians in the loop with what we talked about so the conversations can be continued during the week at home.

Here is a high level of our discussions:

  • Attached is a worksheet that mentors will be taking the boys through each week.

  • We used our discussion time to discuss some key concepts from the worksheet with the boys.

  • We asked the boys to define and talk us through the following:

  • What is means to be proud of yourself

  • How it feels when others are proud of us

  • Mistakes, how they are a part of life and how they are learning opportunities

  • What it means to be excited about the future

  • Gratitude and why it is really important to be thankful

  • Self-Respect and how important it is to be kind to ourselves and respectful towards others

Every single boy contributed to the conversation and added a lot of value. The conversations were great!

Finally, this week’s RESPECT-ABLE Weekly Challenge is to show respect by opening doors for others. We said we want to hear them share examples with us on fulfilling this challenge.

There is no school next Monday, so there will not be RESPECT-ABLE. We will resume in two weeks on Monday, October 17th!

Let us know if you have any questions!

Thank you for trusting us with your young men!

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