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Developing Youth Leaders

Afterschool programming will initially be focused on 4th and 5th grade boys.​

When 5th grade boys graduate from the program, they will have opportunities to continue to participate in Respect-Able as a junior mentor. Not only will they benefit from the afterschool programming, but they will get additional education and training to support them as mentors and their development as leaders.

These options are also available for young men currently in 6th grade and older. In addition to recruiting productive men as mentors and guest speakers, we will also be recruiting middle school age and high school age young men to participate. Those that choose to give back and participate will also be provided leadership development opportunities as well.

The goal is to start developing boys and a younger age and keep them engaged in leadership development opportunities through middle school and high school.

Let us know if you have a young man in your life who could benefit from joining the Respect-Able team.

Image by Clark Tibbs
Image by sydney Rae
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