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The Boy Crisis suggests, Boys Today Face Four Threats that Need Attention Now

  • Dad Deprivation
    Boys with dads who lack physical or emotional presence.

  • Purpose Void
    A lack of personal responsibility and connection to something bigger.

  • Heroic Intelligence vs. Health Intelligence
    Too much value put on physical attributes, acceptance of aggressive emotions, dismissing of vulnerable emotions and the tendency to engage in risky behavior.

  • Falling Behind in Reading and Writing
    Boys are struggling with reading and writing and proficiency in both are predictors of success.

Some Realities of Being a Boy

  • Boys without relationships with adult men they trust may experience lifelong insecurity and confidence issues.

  • Boys who lack emotional awareness will have low self-management.

  • Boys who don't learn about their emotions or are taught to suppress their emotions will lack emotional awareness and management and can become inwardly and outwardly destructive.

  • Boys who lack a sense of personal responsibility and purpose will find purpose; likely in ways that validate them, but may not be productive.

  • Boys need a sense of personal responsibility, meaningful work and purpose.

  • Boys need concrete goals.

  • Reading and writing are two of the biggest predictors of success for our boys.

  • Bullies and the bullied tend to have three things in common:

    • Negative family environments

    • Low self-esteem

    • Poor social skills​

If there is truth to the realities above, we have some opportunities!

  • We can give our boys time and experiences with productive men in the forms of mentors, tutors and guest speakers.

  • We can teach our boys about all their emotions; the positive and challenging.

  • We can talk through situations and strategies that enhance their emotional awareness and emotional management to handle challenges productively.

  • We can help our boys explore their interests, passions and purpose and help them create action plans that support their confidence and success.

  • We can help them become better readers, writers and communicators.

  • We can provide a positive environment that teaches good social skills to boost our boys' self-respect and confidence.

The more mentors, tutors and guest speakers we have, the more we can maximize our opportunities with our boys.


Please consider getting involved!