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  • Jason Kiesau

Earning Respect

On Monday, November 7th our RESPECT-ABLE Boys Group visited the home of an older man in the neighborhood to rake and bag leaves for him. They boys did a great job working together and changing roles when needed to make a positive impact in another person's life.

We continue to have conversations with the boys about the three following things:

  • Self-Respect

  • Respecting Others

  • Earning Respect

Each boy made the choice to be an active participant in this project and they all did a great job. It was also a great opportunity to observe their interactions and provide little suggestions and feedback on how they can lead, communicate and support each other while working toward a shared goal.

Big thanks to our mentors Jeff, Nick, Norm and Kent for their leadership and UCAN for their continued support.

It takes a village and this is the village at work!

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