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  • Jason Kiesau

Guest Speaker: Frank Accurso

At this week's RESPECT-ABLE session, we welcomed Frank Accurso as our guest speaker.

Frank is passionate about his family, faith and helping others. Although he would never tell, Frank is also very successful in his career and was acknowledged as the # 1 sales rep in the United States in 2021/2022.

Frank shared a little about his childhood. His dad left when he was young and he struggled with his step-father who was a bit of a disciplinarian. He talked through how he learned to appreciate him as he got older. He talked about the good mentors and coaches he had that showed him the love he needed and how learned to work through difficult emotions like sadness and anger. He told a story that when he was a senior in high school, he didn't make the basketball team, but, he wanted to be involved so bad that he talked to the coach and ended up serving as the basketball manager.

His final story was about the opportunity he had to reconnect with his dad when he was older and his best and most memorial day with his dad didn't happen until Frank was in his mid-50's and two weeks prior to his dad's death.

When we asked the boys to share a couple take-aways from Frank, they said:

  • He is a family man

  • Whatever challenges they are facing, they need to keep trying

Big thanks to Frank for sharing his time with us! And a continued big thanks to Laura and Monica with UCAN and our mentors Jeff, Kent, Norm and Nick for showing up each week and making a difference.

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